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Ripple Boats exists to bring boating into the future, and we want to do it by putting fun at the center of the experience. We combine cutting edge range enhancing technologies and battery electric propulsion, so your boating experience is as enjoyable and worry free as possible.

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Surface Effect Ship (SES) Solution

A Surface-Effect Ship (SES) system uses a fan to compress air into a cavity, which creates an overpressure that lifts the boat partially out of the water. Our chosen solution provides this effect by the unique hull shape and a flexible flap system that keeps air inside the cavity.

Unprecedented Energy Efficiency Propulsion Systems

The main benefit of the SES solution is reduced total power consumption at planing speeds compared to traditional hulls. Compared to planing monohulls we see 30 50% less energy
consumption at planing speeds. Combined with a lightweight carbon fibre hull the boat can achieve greater range, while maintaining a comfortable and familiar experience on the water.

Propulsion Systems

Combining a SES solution with an electric drive train affords us great flexibility on propulsion systems. Our first model will utilize twin inboard electric motors, combined with dual prop Mercury Bravo III drives. This enables easy servicing from an already established and truly global marine service network.

Advanced Ride Control System

The ride control system automatically controls all functions related to the SES solution. This means that the captain does not have to operate any extra systems compared to a regular boat. The software connects the boat to our cloud system, allowing remote monitoring and over the air updates even after delivery. This enables a boat that improves over time.

User Facing Technology

The boat user can expect an intuitive and digitally enabled interface, connecting your boat to your phone (or even your watch) to keep you up to date with charging status, location and other relevant updates. Onboard you can expect the latest products from our growing
network of marine OEM partners.

Key partners


Pascal Technologies provides Ripple Boats with the latest developments in their AirHull Solution. Ensuring access to state of the art energy efficiency, while Ripple Boats can focus on our core task: ensuring a great boating experience for our customers. Pascal Technologies is also a founding partner of Ripple Boats.

You can read more about our innovative R&D partner here

Frydenbø Marine is a leading end to end boat producer in the Scandinavian market. With modern production facilities in Augustów , Poland, Frydenbø Marine provides cost effective and high quality boat production capabilities to Ripple Boats. With Frydenbø Marine we secure access to a long history of boat building expertise and a reliable quality guarantee partner for our boats and customers.

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